Meet The 14-Year Old X-Factor Contestant Who Brought Iggy Azalea To Tears

When the X Factor Australia judges signed up to be on the show — they knew they’d be seeing singers from all walks of life. Some of them with amazing voices? And some of them not so much. Others? Simply blowing them away.

Signing up to be on a talent show that is broadcasted to an entire country (or even the world!) takes some serious guts. Baring your all on a stage being looked on by thousands — not to mentioned judged — has got to be nerve-wracking.

The X Factor Australia judges (Iggy Azalea, Adam Lambert, Guy Sebastian and Mel B) were seeing act after act come on stage. Often times they were pleasantly surprised by the voices that came out of the contestants’ mouths.

Other times, the talent was a bit of a disappointment. For example, a bricklayer with a body that many women would find dreamy better stick to his day job as you’ll see in the video on the next page.

But it’s one girl’s performance that absolutely blew the judges away. It was so touching and so moving that it even made Iggy Azalea tear up and find it hard to speak. It’s an incredible performance to witness.

Watch this young girl blow the crowd away and move the judges to tears


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