Meet the couple who opened their 11-year marriage to a divorced father so they could grow sexually

Kim, 37, and Dustin, 42, had been married for 11 years and divorced last year.

They display their connection with Vinson on “Seeking Brother Husband,” who dates Kim but not Dustin.

They stated that starting their relationship has been difficult since people have judged them.

Kim adores her husband, Dustin, and her boyfriend, Vinson, which is why she wishes to find another relationship.

Kim and Dustin decided to open their marriage a year ago in order to find another guy. When Kim fell in love with Vinson, whom she met via a mutual acquaintance, they planned to start a family with her husband.

Dustin and Vinson have become friends as their grade-school-aged children play together. Kim is sexually involved with both guys.

Their tale is featured on TLC’s “Seeking Brother Husband,” a show in which married women want to meet and marry men other than their first spouses. On the program, partners deal with jealousy, befuddled and unsupportive family members, and a slew of awkward talks about polyamory.

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