Meet The Little Drummer Girls!

Can you believe these girls? I’m not coordinated enough to walk and talk most times, but these little drummers keep time and rhythm like it’s nothing at all! Thank goodness it’s all on camera, or I wouldn’t believe someone so small could take on a full drum set and own it like these little lasses do!

It’s really amazing how talented these kids are! In a world where self-confidence is squashed daily for girls by pictures in magazines and music videos of what people think like girls should act like, it’s so great to see some of them rise like lions to rage against the status quo!

The videos are only getting better, so keep scrolling to watch these girls outdo most guys on one of their most beloved instruments!

7. Brooke C.– Do you like the band TOOL? Right. Who doesn’t? If you know who they are then you know their music is technical and intricate…and not easily replicated. Well, check out this 14-year-old kill the drum track on Forty Six and 2 cover. Remember, it’s okay to cry if you still can’t play this song.

6. Sina Drums– This girl is only 14, but she has a soul that’s much older! Dedicating her talents to covering classic rock from the 60’s through the 80’s, Sina can drum it all. She already has so many videos of her covers, it’s hard to choose only one. Her skill is really showcased in this cover of Dire Straits Sultans of Swing.

Are you jealous yet? We are! Continue to the next page to see some of the best drum performances yet.


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