Mentorship and Our Kids

So many times when we think of mentoring we thing of those children who are having trouble. It could be trouble in school, or trouble at home, or even trouble with the legal system. However, mentoring has many other things that can prove useful. Mentorship can be valuable to any of our youth.

Reading a Book Together

Reasons to Mentor

There are many reasons that our children should have mentors. Children of every background – troubled or happy – deserve the ability to have mentors. Mentors can help to improve how a child deals with the challenges they face day to day. Mentors are able to offer friendship as well as guidance through any situation.

Improves Education

Having mentors can help our children stay in school. It even offers them the ability to obtain better grades. Many children who are having trouble in school have no one to talk to and that means they become separated and even insecure at times. Not only can having someone older and wiser help with school matters, they can also help with the physical school work when children are having troubles with their grades.

Supporting the Individual

Mentoring is about the how the mentor works and supports the mentee. As important as it can be to help your mentee with school, it is just as important to offer them emotional support as well. Increasing their self-esteem can be can
be one the most important things that can be done. This can decrease their chances of harmful behaviors like smoking, illegal drugs, and even drinking.

Mentors have the responsibility to help uplift their mentees to be confident in who they are. Providing them with a safe person to talk to, or an individual whom they can come to with any personal problems.

Mentors in the Workforce

Mentors are able to guide our youth in their beginning steps into the workforce. Mentors help their mentees to help realize their career goals as well as the things that they will need in order to succeed. Mentors have the ability to help their mentees to seek the jobs.

Mentoring Children

Being a Mentor

There are several formal companies that are designed to match children of all ages to a mentor that can help them the best. As a mentor you have the ability to decide if that child is a good fit for you, however many of the services offer that to you as well.

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters – For the last 110 years Big Brothers and Big Sisters have determined to help change children’s perspective and offer opportunities encouraging them to reach their goals. Now they offer mentors in all 50 states, as well as 12 different countries.
  • Sarasota YMCA – They offer a little bit of time per week to help change the future of a child’s life. This program allows the mentor to share their knowledge as well as experiences with their mentees.
  • Take Stock in Children – Since 1995 they have been offering mentors to our children. These mentors offer guidance, encouragement, support, as well as seeing their mentee at last an hour each week depending on the needs of the child.

Every mentor has the responsibility to encourage, support, and educate. Mentors can be everything to that child, their safe person to depend on when their lives are crazy. Every child’s life goes crazy no matter what their income, family status, or gender. Every child should be given the opportunity to find that mentor to help them.

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