Miami Instagram model ‘filled with absolute grief and despair’ after boyfriend’s stabbing death, lawyer says

Courtney Clenney’s lawyer claims the Miami Instagram model is “filled with total anguish and misery” after her boyfriend, Christian Tobechukwu Obumseli, was stabbed to death on April 3.

Obumseli, 27, was involved in a domestic violence episode with Clenney earlier this month and received “an apparent knife wound.” First responders took him to a nearby hospital, where he was declared dead, according to a statement issued by Miami police at the time.

In this case, no charges have been brought. Clenney’s attorney, Frank Prieto, stated that she was defending herself.

“Since the events of that tragic night, Courtney has been filled with absolute grief and despair,” Prieto said. “Courtney is mourning the loss of Mr. Obumseli, in private, out of respect for his family. There is nothing we can say to alleviate the pain his family is going through; however, their calls for justice and an arrest in this matter are misplaced.”

He added that “justice in this matter calls for no arrest or charges.”

“It is absolutely irresponsible for the family’s attorney … to allege that the events of that evening were ‘unprovoked’ or to insinuate that she is being afforded special treatment. There is competent and substantial evidence that Courtney is the victim of domestic violence and possibly human trafficking,” Prieto said. “There is no doubt the two of them had a tumultuous relationship; moreover, there is evidence that Courtney was a victim of physical, emotional, and mental abuse at the hands of Obumseli. That night was no different and Courtney had the right to defend herself out of fear for her life.”


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