WATCH: Mike Tyson’s live meltdown after host brought up criminal record was explosive!

Mike Tyson is known for having one of the most legendary tempers in sports.

A tense television interview with Tyson on Canadian television has resurfaced on social media.

When Nathan Downer, a TV host, opted to discuss Tyson’s criminal background, he put himself in a position where he would almost certainly be assaulted.

The interview began with a pleasant conversation regarding the boxer’s time in Toronto and his meeting with the Mayor, Rob Ford, as is customary.

Tyson spoke highly of the Mayor and the city, and he expressed surprise at how popular the politician was.

“This is the first time where the mayor is bigger than the whole city, he’s a bigger celebrity than anyone in the city. He’s a really dynamic character.”

Ford was up for re-election at the time, and Downer put Tyson on the spot, asking whether he had done any research on the Mayor, who had been the subject of some controversy.

This inquiry irritated Tyson, who said that he had only seen the politician on TV and so was eager to visit him.

To be fair, Downer launched an assault on Tyson, questioning whether Tyson had influenced the politician’s aspirations to stay in power, saying: “we know you’re a convicted rapist.”

And that was the trigger that set Mike off!

Watch the explosive interview below!

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