Missouri Man Dressed as THE JOKER Arrested For Making Criminal Threats In Facebook Video

Here is a prime example of real life being stranger than fiction.

An obvioulsy distrubed or trubled man dressed in a pretty convincing Joker costume was arrested recently and charged with making criminal threats.

Furthermore, it was revealed that he was making such threats on the Facebook Live app.

However, while all that seems very bad for Mr Garnier…a recently develoopment just might exonerate him!

Friends and supporters of Garnier claim that it was all a misunderstanding, and have launched a GoFundMe to raise money for an attorney.

“He was in full makeup and costume as The Joker and was entertaining his followers by acting like The Joker,” the campaign’s description reads. “The video is on his Facebook wall. Someone reported mistakenly that he was making ‘threats’ when he was only playing a role.

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Source Credit: RiverFront Times

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