Mom collapses with young kids at home but daughter’s quick actions save her life

Parents always strive to teach their children important skills such as self-feeding, brushing their teeth, and reading. However, there are other, equally important lessons that children should be taught, and adults occasionally overlook these because they believe their children are too young for them.

One of these additional considerations is how our children should respond in an emergency.

This essential lesson was highly important to a mother in Somerset, New Jersey, since it saved her life.

Haley Glaser suffers from a chronic medical issue, so she and her husband trained their older children what to do if they ever found themselves in a position where their mother required medical attention.

Isla, the couple’s four-year-old daughter, understood precisely what she needed to do as her mother collapsed in the kitchen.

Isla needed to act because Haley was the only adult in the house at the moment, and she did.

“She might have been afraid, and she was in a really potentially hazardous and stressful circumstance, but she conducted herself with full and absolute control and poise,” ABC News’ Haley Glaser said.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – ABC News

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