Mom Outraged at School That Told 5-Year-Old Girl to “Cover Her Body” for Modesty

Over the past few years, the conversation around discriminatory dress standards enforced by schools has grown considerably. We’ve also heard stories of a variety of schools around the country sending female students home alleging dress code breaches about their outfit being too short or a little too tight.

Although supervisors easily hide behind the safety of the dress code, they refuse to understand the sexualization of girls in these events. A 5-year-old kindergartener in Minnesota was recently subjected to this trauma incident after she was sent home in a new outfit from the dress she carried to school that day.

Little Harmony was quite thrilled about wearing the new dress her grandmother had gifted her to school one day. She was looking forward to showing the pretty outfit to her friends.

Since the weather was nice that day after a week of snowstorms, her mom Emily Stewart thought it was a good idea and sent her daughter to school in the cute dress with a pair of jeans underneath. However, when Stewart went to pick Harmony from school, she was surprised to see that the dress had been swapped for a t-shirt.

Stewart recounted the incident in a Facebook post where she revealed the reason why her daughter had been made to change her outfit. Sharing a picture of what Harmony had worn to school and the outfit she was sent back home in,

Stewart wrote: “Ok this is gonna be long. The picture on the left is showing what my daughter was wearing to school this morning. The picture on the right is what I picked her up in. She is in kindergarten and she is 5.”

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