Monstrous Dummy Shows What Gamers Might Look Like In 20 Years

Photo: OnlineCasino.ca

The study of gaming effects on the human body was performed by OnlineCasino.ca, which developed the dummy, called Michael, using its results. 

According to the study, the average gamer spends about six hours a week online, a rise of 19.3 percent from last year. UK players have been found to play the most, with an average playing time of 7.15 hours a week. 

From sleep deficiency and lack of vitamin D to stress-induced eczema and bad posture, this does not paint a pretty picture for the ‘future gamer’.

Michael the dummy sports an indent in his forehead, bloodshot pupils, a bent back and blisters on his fingertips, to mention only a few of his features. This is a terrifying prospect. Yikes.

But while he’s a scary sight, the study does emphasizes this doesn’t mean spending a couple of hours a week playing games with  your friends is going to mean you are now going to turn into this hideous creature. But it does suggest that spending excessive hours each day can have negative effects on the body.

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