Moon Knight: Jake Lockley Was Present From Episode 1 Confirmed

Through the first six episodes of Disney+, Moon Knight revolved around Marc Spector and Steven Grant sharing a body.

Several sequences, however, revealed that none of them recalled specific occurrences or accepted responsibility for certain acts.

Moments like this suggested the presence of a third personality, a supposition confirmed in the post-credits sequence when Jake Lockley revealed himself to be in charge of the body.

Moon Knight executive producer Grant Curtis appeared on ComicBook.com’s Phase Zero podcast, where he stated that Jake Lockley was in the show from the beginning.

Speaking to comicbook.com Grant Curtis said:

“Well, I don’t want to alter anyone’s experience of the show cause I do know there’s a lot of theories out there, But I will say this: You guys are smart. We have the best fans in the world. Jake appearing in episode six at the very end was not the first time Jake appeared in our narrative, and I’ll let people take that for whatever it means. But that was not his introduction. He was in the show from episode one.”

From comicbook.com:

Many fans have theorized that Jake’s presence in Episode 1 was in asking Steven’s gift shop co-worker on a date. It is unclear if Curtis is teasing Jake Lockley having actually been present in the episode, though it’s also likely he was driving the cupcake truck later in the series as Steven found himself running from Arthur Harrow’s henchmen.

Jake Lockley, like his comic book counterpart, debuted in the series as a driver. However, in the comics, he is best known as a cab driver while the Marvel Cinematic Universe showed him wheeling around in a fancy Rolls Royce. Considering the MCU’s Steven Grant is not a billionaire filmmaker like the comics, who paid for that vehicle? “It’s a great question,” Curtis said. “It’s a great question for the future of the MCU. And hey, I want to be a fly on the wall of that Rolls as it rolls away wherever they go. I’m in. You’ve got my money.”

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