Mortal Kombat Developer Working on Super Smash Bros-Style Game Called Multiversus

NetherRealm Studios, the Chicago-based, Warner Bros.-owned company responsible for Injustice and Mortal Kombat, is purportedly working on a Super Smash Bros.-style game. The story originates from an anonymous source on a Reddit burner account, which is typically not worth paying attention to, but not long after the rumor arose, Warner Bros. filed a trademark for “Multiversus.” To put it mildly, the news has piqued the interest of the Internet.

“The new Netherrealm Game is a Warner Bros. Crossover Platform Fighter Yes. New IP technically,” reads the leak. “It is based off Smash Bros (and now Nickelodeon All Stars, but this was in the works before Nickelodeon was even announced). It’s a Tag Team game. Not sure if that means you pick two characters and switch between them. Or if each ‘character’ is actually a pair, or if each character is an individual and you only switch when you lose a stock. All I know is there’s synergy between certain characters which implies custom teams.”

Read the entire article here: comicbook.com

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