Ms. Marvel Fans Are Shocked By Finale Surprise

Fans of Ms. Marvel were taken aback at the end of today’s finale. A significant Marvel idea made its MCU premiere, and now everyone is wondering what it all means. Ms. Marvel episode 6 spoilers follow!

After the incident with Damage Control is resolved, Bruno informs Kamala Khan that he has discovered something exceptional about her DNA. She possesses a mutation, which explains why she can utilize the bangle.

Some may argue that this isn’t the formal debut of Mutants into the MCU. (After all, a variation, Professor X, appeared in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.)

The episode even attempted to lampoon this trend by using a sample of the X-Men theme music. You can see some of the finest fan posts down below.

According to writer Bisha K. Ali, they were ecstatic to share this moment with the audience. However, this was not always in Kamala Khan’s plans.

A lot of people are happy

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