Ms. Marvel has been review bombed on IMDb, receiving 1-star ratings from users hating the first episode

Going into Phase 4, fans have been more critical of the MCU’s films and programs than ever before.

This hostility has emanated in part from real critiques, but in other cases it has also resulted from the rising tendency of “review bombing”, in which a project is assaulted with low ratings for unfounded reasons.

Moon Knight received this treatment because of its connection to the Armenian Genocide; Eternals received similar criticism because of its inclusion of a gay kiss.

Ms. Marvel, the most recent MCU film, has now become the next victim of this tendency.

Despite the overall positive critical reaction, Ms. Marvel has undergone review bombing on IMDB following the series premiere due to a range of severe complaints.

The Disney+ series presently has a six-star rating, with 41.9 percent ten-star ratings, 28.7 percent one-star ratings, and a pretty even distribution of everything in between.

Ms Marvel IMDB Ratings

Source: IMDB

From thedirect.com:

One user proclaimed the series offers “nothing except for unnecessary colors and artworks,” while criticizing Kamala’s modified origin from the comics:

“This show has literally nothing except for unnecessary colors and artworks. The plot is garbage far away from the comic storyline. The origin of kamalas power is literally the worst idea anyone can think of.”

Another called it “another mediocre Marvel show,” saying that it feels “like an actual Disney show:”

“Marvel this is not what we want another mediocre marvel show but this show feel like an actual Disney show I just want daredevil back and good stories not this garbage.”

A review-bomber once again shared frustration with the family-friendly nature, claiming it to be “quite literally a children’s show:”

“It’s really rubbish, it’s quite literally a children’s show. Quite rubbish green screen and horrible concepts, but some features are quite neat if you were a 11-year-old.”

One called for Disney to “stop bowing to the woke mob” and “focus on [their] fans, not social issues:”

“Disney is off the mark. Please stop bowing to the woke mob and make something genuine. Focus on your fans, not social issues. It is a shame that Disney is distorting yet another franchise.”

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