Mountain DEW Frost Bite – Release Date Revealed!

If you have followed Mountain Dew over the years…they have introduced so many different flavors its hard to keep up with them all.

But this latest one could be the biggest one they have ever had. It’s being reported that the new Mountain Dew flavor is Frost Bite.

The news first broke on Reddit with many speculating on what it could be.

FrostBite theory from r/mountaindew

The Reddit user  Reddit/u/mtndewinsider posted a first-look of the Mountain Dew Frostbite.

Mtn Dew Frostbite Only at Walmart in April 2020 from r/mountaindew

According to the post, Mountain Dew Frostbite is coming only to Walmart in April 2020. It shows the bright blue soda busting through ice, and the bottle features a hungry-looking shark. At least one person pointed out that the name Frostbite would make more sense with a release date in the winter, but someone pointed out that the emphasis on it being a cold drink would be refreshing in the hotter months. Both made good points, but the icy design is awesome nonetheless.

The flavor profile is still being kept under wraps, though a few lucky Dew drinkers at r/MountainDew have gotten their hands on the beverage, suggesting it might have notes of a Honey Dew Melon flavor. It’s expected to hit Walmart shelves nationwide by the end of the month.

Currently you Walmart is selling Frost Bite in both 20 oz. and 12-pack sizes for $1.98 and $4.98.

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Source Credit: Comicbook.com

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