Native Americans Demand Fox News Apologise for Outrageously Racist Comments

A Native American organization is demanding a correction, apology and the firings of Fox News personnel for a series of racist comments.

Fox News contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy, who appeared with her husband, former Wisconsin GOP Rep. Sean Duffy, said Wednesday on Fox News Primetime that Native Americans’ struggles have “everything to do with government dependency … alcoholism and family breakdowns.”

Co-host Jesse Watters said that Democrats are trying to “make them out to be victims” and will “send more slush funds to the reservations.”

From news.yahoo.com:

“Christopher Columbus, by the way, is the first victim of cancel culture,” Campos-Duffy complained, accusing Native Americans as being “just as brutal” as Columbus and other colonizers.

Her husband piped up: “They burned villages, raped women, seized children,” cluelessly even daring to say that they “took land.”

Duffy added: “They want to apply the ‘woke’ standard … [to] Christopher Columbus, but nobody else in the world.” (Donald Trump wants Duffy to run for governor of Wisconsin.)

The hosts were incensed that Vice President Kamala Harris earlier in the day said the nation should face its “shameful past” and celebrate Indigenous People’s Day.

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