Netflix Will End Password Sharing in 2023

Netflix will discontinue password sharing beginning next year. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the corporation intends to end the practice permanently. Moving forward, Netflix will have to figure out if they can even implement these changes without infuriating loyal customers.

They reaped the benefits of improved watching habits at home during the COVID-19 epidemic. However, many of the views that wind up in news releases originate from people who loop in their families.

Insiders speculate that tracking IP addresses, login location, and account activity might all be on the table at some time. It’s difficult to see how any of the aforementioned improvements would go unnoticed by supporters.

They have been assisting in keeping the streaming behemoth afloat and may see the rejection as a signal to go elsewhere for content.

CEO Ted Sarandos recently spoke at the UBS Global Technology, Media & Telecom Conference. During his remarks, he identified there would be some quick pushback. “It feels a lot like the way you manage a price increase. …Consumers aren’t going to love it right out of the gate, but we need to show them why they should see value,” Sarandos said back then.

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