Netflix workers plan a walkout as the fallout over Dave Chappelle explodes

Things have reached a crisis situation regarding the controversial Netflix Dave Chappelle special and the trans community.

The Netflix co-founder  retracts parts of what  he said in staff letters ahead of an employee walkout planned for Oct. 20: “I 100 percent believe that content on-screen can have an impact in the real world, both positive and negative.”

Regarding the memos that Ted Sarandos sent to Netflix staffers, Sarandos said exclusively to The Hollywood Reporter:

No, my stance hasn’t changed. I can tell you I screwed up those communications in two ways. One of them was, I should have first and foremost acknowledged in those emails that a group of our employees were in pain, and they were really feeling hurt from a business decision that we made. And I, instead of acknowledging that first, I went right into some rationales. And so first of all, I’d say those emails lacked humanity, in which I like to and I do generally communicate with our teams.

and from nytimes.com:

Two weeks after the debut of Dave Chappelle’s standup special “The Closer” on Netflix, the streaming giant is still grappling with internal backlash as a group of its workers prepare to stage a virtual walkout and a former employee spoke publicly about being fired recently.

The walkout, planned for Wednesday, is the latest episode of employee unrest surrounding the special, leading to the kind of tough news coverage normally aimed at other tech companies like Facebook and Google.

Many on Netflix’s staff were angered by Mr. Chappelle’s special, criticizing it as transphobic and harmful to transgender people.

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