New Batman Game Is Reportedly Not an Arkham Game

We are always excited when a new Batman video game is on the horizon. The Arkham Batman games are some of the best in the video game space.

However it is being reported that this newest Batman game will not be an Arkham game.

From Comicbook.com:

According to a new report, the new Batman game will not be an Arkham game. Before Warner Bros. Montreal began even teasing its new Batman game, there’s been conflicting rumors and reports about the newest newest game starring The Dark Knight. Last month, a report from a reputable industry insider and leaker surfaced, revealing alleged details on the game, including word that it’s a reboot and an Arkham game.

So it looks like a recreation of former Batman games to some extent but not sure yet if it will completely do away with the “Arkham” brand.

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