New Batman Trailer Teaser Released

The Batman has just published a preview for the major new trailer, which will be unveiled this weekend. The whole trailer for The Batman will be released on October 16th during the big DC FanDome event. In the short video shared to Twitter, Robert Pattinson’s hero says that the BatSignal is more than simply a beacon; it’s also a warning. For a long time, fans and scholars have disputed these views of the figure.

It’s wonderful to see the concept of the signal as an alarm taken literally. Who knows what additional surprises await this weekend in the real trailer. The Batman simply provided fans with a creative way to set reminders for the film’s eventual release. DC Comics is on the move ahead of DC FanDome, which means Matt Reeves’ project, along with the rest of their vast movie schedule, will be front and center.

Check out the teaser video below!

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