The DCEU May Be OVER – New Warner Bros Boss To Do Complete Overhaul Of DC Films

With the $43 billion Discovery WarnerMedia transaction completed, newly appointed Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav is trying to restructure DC and revive the brand for a new age.

According to Variety, Zaslav, the CEO of the united Warner Bros. Discovery, is trying to shake up DC in a move that may influence all feature film production, streaming series, and DC creatives in order to compete with firms like Marvel.

One key priority is finding a Kevin Feige-like figure to oversee the company. However, instead of a “creative guru” sources say Zaslav is more interested in hiring someone with a business background who can “keep all the different factions at DC working more harmoniously.”

During the hunt, Emma Watts, a 20th Century Studios and Paramount executive, was considered a prospective hire. Watts, according to Variety, will not accept the position.

Zaslav has reportedly identified certain weaknesses in DC, like how the company left several “top-shelf characters such as Superman” to languish. As for promising strategies, Discovery seems to believe that films like Joker are a “shining example” of how “second-billed” characters can become commercial and critical hits.

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