New Remote Control Baby Yoda Will Follow You Around

The internet is full of strange and amazing stuff and, happily, we’re here to bring you one of the hottest thing you can get your hands on…if you are a Star Wars fan!

Introducing the brand-new Baby Yoda remote control that’s going to pursue you in your own house. Are you interested?

From Mattel:

Mattel has just revealed an RC version of the Child that can adorably waddle around your home.

Available this fall for $70, the Star Wars: The Mandalorian the Child “Real Moves Plush” stands 11 inches tall, so it’s slightly smaller than the animatronic figure used in the series. Mattel still managed to stuff it full of electronics, including authentic sound effects and motors to bring it to life.

The Child’s head will move from side to side, and glance up and down as it’s huge ears wiggle, and all the mechanics are concealed beneath the translucent outer skin, which makes sense when you hear it, yet out of context, it sounds like a horrifying thing to say about a child.

His short, snuggly robes may also be further decorated with the included Mythosaur skull pendant, like the one that Din Djarin gave him at the end of the first season.

But the only bad news about this is that you can only find this exclusive toy in Disney parks and stores… meaning you can’t buy online.

So what do you think about this new Baby Yoda figure? Comment below!

Source Credit: Gizmodo.com

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