New Sony Marketing Puts Morbius With Spider-Man in MCU

Here’s some breaking news we have from the Marvel Universe! I think we all have been pretty excited about the upcoming Morbius movie ever since the trailer came out.

And I know for me, I’m really looking forward to see how Jared Leto performs with that character.

Well, looks like Morbius maybe joing the MCU!

From comicbook.com:

The web between Sony and Marvel Studios continues to get more and more tangled. After Michael Keaton appeared in the trailer for Morbius as his Adrian Toomes character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, relenetless speculation of whether or not the Jared Leto movie was a part of the MCU has raged on. Since, set photos which feature a Daily Bugle logo have also surfaced, tying the movie to the post-credits scene of Spider-Man: Far From Home.

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