Nurse’s Before And After 2020 Picture Should Wake Us All Up

If you’ve seen the “How it started, How it’s going” pictures drifting around social networks, you know some of them can be pretty funny given all we’ve seen and been dealing with in 2020. While numerous ones give us the much-needed levity we’re searching for, one Nashville nurse made the decision to share hers as a reminder to every person what our health care employees are actually dealing with in this COVID time we are living in.

And I have to say, looking at these images was shocking and very disheartening.

Kathryn went to Twitter over the weekend to share the before-and-after picture of just how she started the year and also what she looks like currently, after seeing hundreds of clients unwell and dying from COVID-19.

Though she says, “caring for the sickest of the sick is an honor,” she also vows to send out a really clear message to those still not taking this pandemic seriously.

Kathryn tells Scary Mommy if people could remember one thing, this would be it: “Healthcare workers aren’t the frontline, we’re the last line.” She also said how critical it is for all of us to be doing our part to keep ourselves and are loved ones out of the hospitals right now.

“There isn’t any cavalry coming to relieve us or take our place if we fall, and things are only going to get worse,” she says. “We will do everything we can for as long as we can to help as many as we can, but the public has to do their part to limit the spread of covid or the healthcare system and the people who work in healthcare will collapse under the weight of it.”

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