Obama Slams Trump With Most Brutal Put Down Yet

Barack Obama is attacking Donald Trump and the Republicans for trying to make false accusations of unfair elections. It’s a really slippery slope, he notes.

In an interview with “60 Minutes,” the former president broke his silence on Trump’s false allegations of election manipulation, telling Scott Pelley that he was disturbed by the vast number of Republicans who were going along with Trump’s claims and humoring him.

Obama argues Republicans are not only seeking to discredit President-elect Joe Biden and his new administration, but society as a whole.

Furthermore, Obama claims that what Trump and the GOP are doing is placing America on a “dangerous course.”

As you remember, Trump declines to concede the election. And Obama reveals what he feels is behind Trump’s reluctance to accept that Biden prevailed.

Here’s what else he said:

“I’m more troubled by the fact that other Republican officials who clearly know better are going along with this, are humoring him in this fashion. It is one more step in delegitimizing not just the incoming Biden administration, but democracy generally. And that’s a dangerous path.”

Then Obama did another interview where attacked Trump’s lack of congratulating Biden on his election win.

Because if you recall, Bush congratulated Obama when he won his election.

Here was Obama’s words:

“When Donald Trump won, I stayed up until 2:30 in the morning and I then called Donald Trump to congratulate him. His margin of victory over Hillary Clinton wasn’t greater than Joe Biden’s margin over him.

But if you are listening to some of the talk radio that Trump voters are listening to, if you’re watching Fox News, if you’re getting these tweets, those allegations are presented as facts.

So you’ve got millions of people out there who think, ‘Oh yeah, there must be cheating because the president said so.’”

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