Oops: Woman Rear-Ends Car While Flipping Off Trump Supporters

A severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome turned hilarious as instant justice was dealt nearby a recent Trump street corner rally.

As supporters stood roadside, a woman in traffic clearly displeased with their support of the President lowered her window to flip them off. She then upped the ante and flipped them off with both hands.

Unable to stretch all of her arms without taking her foot off the brake for whatever reason, her car then went ahead with no comment from the TDS patient until right before she was about to smash into the vehicle in front of her.

Moreover, police officers were present, and saw the entire incident (and obviously several more crash witnesses, if necessary). At this point in the video, audible laughing can be heard.

Nothing is known about the venue and the date, but on Tuesday, the altercation went viral.

Thankfully, the collision was just a slight fender bender, and it seems like nothing but the pride of this lady was badly hurt.

Watch below video:

Read the entire article here: bongino.com

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