Owen Wilson’s ex shares photo of their 3-year-old daughter Lyla who he has ‘Never Met’

Owen Wilson’s ex-girlfriend Varunie Vongsvirates revealed exclusively to DailyMail.com that he has yet to see his only daughter Lyla.

Wilson, 52, has never had contact with the youngster, according to Vongsvirates, though he does spend time with his two older children, Robert, 10, and Finn, 7, whom he had with separate mothers.

On Saturday, Vongsvirates shared a photo of their daughter on social media to commemorate her third birthday. In the photo, the blue-eyed and blonde tiny girl looked exactly like her renowned father.

But she claims he has yet to meet her.

From dailymail.co.uk:

In 2019 Varunie told DailyMail.com that she has begged the 52-year-old actor to get involved in their daughter Lyla’s life. The 37-year-old told DailyMail.com that her former lover is ‘not involved at all’ with their little girl and has ‘never’ even met his youngest child.

‘He helps financially but it’s never been about that,’ she said at the time.

Questioned about this, she added: ‘Lyla needs a father. It’s ironic how [Owen] keeps getting these father roles, he’s playing a father in his new movie, and he’s never met his own daughter.’

Wilson has played father Nate Pullman in 2017 movie Wonder. He will next co-star with Jennifer Lopez in Marry Me which comes out in February 2022.

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