Owner Walking Dog Was Led To Abandoned Newborn Baby On The Roadside

It’s been said that dogs have a sort of sixth sense – an ability to sense and feel things that are otherworldly or inexplicable. This story proves that that is absolutely true. 

A man named Jeff was walking outside walking his dog, Bobby, one morning. This was a daily routine that was about to be anything but routine at all.

Suddenly – Bobby, the black lab, started pulling really hard with his leash. He led Jeff down a dirt road – the whole time, Bobby was sniffing the ground like crazy.

Then the lab led his owner to a patch of grass – Jeff thought he was looking at a rock or maybe even a dead rabbit. But instead – he was shocked.

The lump on the ground was actually a brand new baby with its umbilical cord still attached.

Find out what Jeff and Bobby did next – absolutely incredible video!

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