One of the greatest things about Halloween are the traditions. One of the most common traditions are pumpkins. There are so many different facts regarding the pumpkin. Pumpkins have been […]

What was supposed to be a leisurely ride for Nicole Graham, her daughter Paris and her horse turned into the scare of their lives. 

This post launches a new site category for us – Politics. The idea made me a little reticent at first – religion and politics are still dangerous topics to raise among […]

Everyone knows how challenging the work of a parent is. So any little help goes a long way! Being a parent is no easy job you know. You know as Marlee […]

When the X Factor Australia judges signed up to be on the show — they knew they’d be seeing singers from all walks of life. Some of them with amazing […]

People are exposed to multiple carcinogenic agents on a daily basis due to modern lifestyle, according to Natural News. Health professionals are worried about the soaring rates of cancer. Dietitians […]

Early childhood is an exciting time for academic growth, therefore it’s best that you teach your child how to write, because it will help develop their skills. Here’s how to […]

These days’ newspapers are becoming extinct like the dinosaurs! A long time ago, when people wanted to know about the happenings around the world, they used to double-step to a […]

Birthdays – what a crazy day! It entails a lot of planning, lots of decorations, lots of hard work and a hell lot of patience. Apart from that, these days […]

October 5th is one of the most important days of the year. This is World Teachers Day, and really important to every young mind in the world. One of the […]

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