Here are some really great but easy tips for parents on how to discipline their kids. The key to great parenting is to be consistent, follow through established rules, show […]

The baby can even speak them out loud! You just have to see this! This baby is asked to pick up words off the ground that Dad tells him to pick […]

Today I spoke to my neighbor, who home-schools her 5 year old, about homeschooling. It has come to my attention that a lot of parents in different parts of the […]

As praised by many researchers and marketers that breakfast increases metabolism controls hunger, help calorie conscious people and improves thinking abilities.Even though breakfast has been highlighted for its prominent benefits, […]

It’s no secret that there are many talented people out there in the world. With the plethora of talent shows out there these days many of those talented people are […]

We all thought there would be flying cars and teleportation by now, right? One thing Japan has dreamed up from the future – is a hotel staffed entirely by robots. […]

This week, President Obama is expected to announce the assigning of approximately 3,000 military personnel to help fight Ebola in West Africa – a disease that, if untreated, can wipe […]

Have you been suffering from acid reflux? Acid reflux can happen anytime of the day or night, making it miserable for the person to make it through the day without […]

Sometimes, a simple gesture can go a long way and it definitely did for this single dad. On Valentine’s day, the single dad went out on a date with none […]

In many countries breastfeeding a way of life. In some places like the US, mothers have the choice between feeding from the breast and formula from a bottle. Many mother’s […]

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