This time of the year can be very busy. For some it is a relief to send our kids back to school, and for others it becomes troublesome. The hard […]

When we were kids we had dreams of growing up to be anything from an astronaut to a ballerina or a chef to a policeman. One little girl in the […]

This father tells the story of his young child who saved $120 and how he spent it…Trust me, you haven’t read this before…

For your kids, make being cooped up inside unforgettable!

Sometimes do you find yourself repeating the same thing to your children? You might think that they’re forgetting, which they are, but there are better ways to communicate to your […]

I have seen some crazy stories in the past but this one really got our blood boiling! I think it was also because I have children and as I saw this story […]

Whenever you have noticed that, you are starting to feel the beginning effects of pregnancy, an at home pregnancy test might be in order. However, there are things to think […]

Weekend is just around the corner, but like every other weekend, what’s special about it? Same old things repeating over and over again…change it. It’s time for some family games! Those […]

Congratulations on bringing home a new bundle of joy! Back home from the hospital, your bébé never sleeps more than an hour at a time and you already wish the […]

Life for George wasn’t as easy as being a goldfish. The 10-year old goldfish, apart from being bullied by fellow fishes was suffering from tumour that caused him immense pain […]

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