Siblings fight all the time, sometimes they’re fighting for no reason, other times they have reasons. Here’s how you can help!

That little black dress that you used to wear when you were “thin” no longer fits you now because you’re overburdened with responsibilities, making it difficult for you to focus […]

It’s time to clean your house after avoiding the thought for over 5 minutes! Let’s look at the top ten secrets that’ll make a busy mom or a weekend dad […]

There are many parts of parenting that can sometimes be difficult. Parenting teenagers can sometimes be more of a challenge than parenting elementary students. Our teenagers know a lot more […]

So you’re about to have a baby? You might want to shop for the right things to make your new parenting life easier, but don’t you think that sometimes you […]

The drunk driver who hit his daughter got 15 years, but her sentence was for life. John Seaman’s 20-year old daughter Kelly was hit by a drunk driver in May 2012, […]

The human body is so adaptable that we can’t even start to think about its greatness. Not a single person realized that a 24 year old woman was missing the […]

Donald Trump, meet an immigrant. Don’t be too surprised when you see who it is. Donald Trump’s inflammatory remarks in his Presidential announcement, which disparaged Hispanic immigrants, have inspired an […]

#RethinkHomelessness asked our #homeless friends to write down a fact about themselves that other people wouldn’t know just by walking past them. Their answers may surprise you. 

If people you know are about to have a baby, leave aside the common teddy bears and prams, it’s time to give them meaningful gifts to celebrate baby showers!

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