So many times when we think of mentoring we thing of those children who are having trouble. It could be trouble in school, or trouble at home, or even trouble […]

There may be people in your life telling you different. Being a good parent, really isn’t about only doing what you read, it’s about natural instincts, which naturally comes to […]

Imagine what it’s like to have never seen an ocean before in your life! Dreams do come true, at least for the 100-year old Ruby Holt…check out her heart-warming story…

Children should be able to take constructive criticism with a smile. But there’s a way to do that. Learn how to make constructive criticism more constructive!

Sometimes it seems like there are only complicated things that you can make for Halloween treats. The only other options are those that are simple and cute that your kids […]

Is your already-cranky child driving you insane? Do you think your child might be teething that’s causing him to be unmanageable? Yes, teething can be painful. 

The reason why this dad dressed like spiderman to surprise his son will leave you in tears. Why should this happen to him? 

Something tells me that the children of all these parents are going to grow up to be just fine! When I saw these I laughed so hard, but then for some I […]

Nurseries don’t necessarily have to be colorful, of course it depends on your taste and all, but black nurseries are a thing of today! A lot of parents think nurseries […]

It is unfortunate that sometimes, when a mishap or personal injuries happen, a grown-up is not available, however there are basic first aid procedures that all kids should learn that […]

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