Paralyzed Puppy That No One Wanted Transformed Because of His New Family

There are many things in this world that are so sad to see. There are homeless people, abused dogs, car accidents and all kinds of terrible things happening all the time.

If there’s one thing these events teach us it’s that when it comes to tough times our spirits take over and keep us going. That and a little help from the big guy upstairs!

We are built to persevere and take challenges head on hoping for the best. People and especially animals have strong survival instincts that take over when we lose faith in ourselves.

How could you not believe that when you see a dog who has been beaten or abandoned wag their tail again for the first time? It’s heartbreakingly beautiful to see these animals survive and come out stronger than ever.

One little pit was dealt a very rough hand and most would have given up on him. Continue to the next page, you’ll cry your eyes out when you WATCH his amazing come back!!!

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