Parents Go Watch The X Factor Auditions, Have No Idea Son Is About To Audition And Blow Them Away

This September, the popular television series The X Factor, is going to embark on its 14th season. We’ve seen so many wonderfully talented people cross that stage, but this particular performance is incredibly special.

A young man named Craig Coulton is from Liverpool and his audition is something that you’re going to remember for a very long time. When you watch the video on the next page, you’re going to be in awe.

Craig is 22-years-old and he is a “biscuit worker” — we’re not sure what that is, but it sounds yummy! He enters the stage and introduces himself the judges on the 8th season of The X Factor.

The young man tells the judges that his parents are in the audience. Not only that? They had no idea he was even auditioning! “It’s a surprise for them,” he explains.

When the camera pans to Craig’s parents, the looks on their faces says it all. They are clearly surprised and were completely taken aback at their son’s impromptu performance.

As if appearing on The X Factor wasn’t a big enough surprise, it’s when he starts singing that his parents’ jaws really drop.  Read on below. You’ve got to see this performance!

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