Patrick Swayze Records Beautiful Dance With His Wife. 8 Years After His Passing, It’s Gone Viral

The passing of Patrick Swayze back in 2009 broke the hearts of people all across the world. His performances in movies like ‘Ghost’ and ‘Roadhouse’ are some of his greatest. But it’s his performance in ‘Dirty Dancing’ that really caught the attention of all of his future fans.

After the movie premiered, it was obvious that Patrick Swayze wasn’t just an incredible actor — his dancing skills were phenomenal. This was something that many people didn’t know about him at the time.

Swayze was actually the son of a choreographer and was classically trained in ballet while he was in high school. It’s no wonder he performed all the routines so flawlessly in that famous and well-known film.

However, it was 21 long years ago that Swayze performed an incredible dance routine on a television show that absolutely took everyone’s breath away. And now? The video of that performance is going viral.

Since Swayze has passed, the video of this breathtaking performance has been viewed over 24 million times. When you watch it — you’ll know why people are completely blown away. It’s enough to move you to tears.

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