People Are Worried For Leonardo DiCaprio’s Girlfriend After Celebrating Her 25th Birthday

Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend has just turned 25, and half of the world is saying the same thing.

Camila Morrone, happy birthday.

Camila Morrone has just turned 25.

Many people recognize the iconic model as the girlfriend of (eventual) Academy Award winner Leonardo DiCaprio.

But, ever since she became a 25-year-old, many others have been saying the same thing.

Many people joke that DiCaprio dates ladies under the age of 25.

And now, the same people are speculating that he would dump Morrone for someone younger.

“It’s the last countdown,” one person tweeted after Morrone turned 25.

“Happy Birthday, sweetheart!!!” commented another. It’s time for us to call it quits.”

But, however, it’s all in good fun.

And we hope DiCaprio and Morrone have a very happy relationship for the rest of their lives.

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