Planning a Birthday Party? I Planned One Recently And This Helped! Check Out These Amazing Ideas! Part 1

Birthdays – what a crazy day! It entails a lot of planning, lots of decorations, lots of hard work and a hell lot of patience. Apart from that, these days people think that amazing birthdays = expensive birthdays. Not really! If you have some time and if you want to make your birthday party decorations one of the best people have ever seen then let me help you with some ideas! The best part? It’s not even going to cost you half of what you would have spent for a lavish birthday celebration!

Hanging Origami Décor

Get some coloured papers, cut different shapes from it, string them together and hang them in which ever manner you see fit! I’ve got a lot of doors so I hung them like curtains and they looked amazing!

LED Party Balloons

Here’s another thing that I figured I’d do – of course I had a tough time blowing them, but oh well. I bought half a dozen of these LED balloons and left them in the main area where I arranged for the children to have their snacks. The children loved them and one of them, a toddler was like, “coloured clouds!” They’re fun, trust me!

Crepe Paper Designs

I bought lots of crepe paper and designed the entire living room with it. Designs can be anything, from fringe cutting to just twirls. Take a tape and stick them in place. End results? Mind blowing!

Flower Garlands for Invitees

Depending on the theme of your birthday, you can arrange for flower garlands or crowns for all your little guests. My child loves pink and yellow so I picked some nice yellow flowers and a rose for each of the tiny guests. As soon as they arrived, I gave a flower crown for girls and garlands for boys. Of course it doesn’t stay the same for long, so be sure not to spend much on them. If you can’t find flowers, cut some out from thick coloured papers and voila!

Light Boxes

I can swear by these! They looked amazing! What you’ve got to do is to make as many blow-up boxes as you can using origami sheets and then slip them into individual bulbs on a string of bulbs (those you use to decorate Christmas trees). A parent was so impressed she asked me to help decorate her birthday!

Giant Lollipops

This one is a bomber! I placed two giant lollipops at the entrance, two each in the hallway leading to the main room! They were an instant hit. What you need is some large colourful balloons, wrapping paper tubes, paint, and some clear cellophane. Paint the paper tubes in white, stick the balloon on top and wrap it with the cellophane and you have your first giant lollipop!

Paper Cup Lights

This one is similar to the light boxes above, so instead of using boxes, cut a small hole in your paper glass, slip it in individual bulbs on a string of bulb. This looks great if it is hung out of the reach of children!

Amazing isn’t it? This isn’t all; there are lots of other ideas to make your birthday party and instant hit.

Photo Credit: www.cakesuite.com

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