Marvel’s Wolverine Reportedly Has a Violent, ‘Hard-R’ Tone

The Wolverine devs are apparently aiming for a “Hard-R” gaming experience.

This information was given by gaming writer Jeff Grubb, who divulged some fascinating tidbits regarding Insomniac’s future project, according to TheDirect.

According to Grubb, Marvel’s Wolverine will have significantly more brutal gameplay than previous Wolverine games. This might result in a rating of Mature.

From cbr.com:

“Hard-R is what they’re going for. It’s one of the concepts that I’ve heard,” Grubb said. “I think one of the cool things about Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was ‘Hey, the lightsabers slice droids in half. And then the bad part was when you go up against Stormtroopers, it doesn’t do that. Now, I’m mostly okay with that. I think with Wolverine though, put us into an environment where those claws are going to work as claws.”

The New Wolverine Video Game

Marvel’s Wolverine was shown during PlayStation’s 2021 Showcase, but specifics about the game’s narrative have been scarce.

Grubb believes it will happen early in the hero’s career, before he formally joins the X-men.

He also claimed that Marvel’s Wolverine will be unrelated to any existing worlds or storylines featuring the character, including Fox’s X-Men film franchise.

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