Power Rangers Star Wants Original Cast Reunion for Netflix Series

Are you a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fan? It’s always been my favorite version of the Power Rangers…by far.

I know I’m showing my age as it’s been over 30 years now since that original cast! Yikes! But for all you nostalgic Power Ranger fan boys and girls out there, I have a question for you.

What if…just what if…that original cast got back together again?

Well, this was just reported by Comicbook.com:

Original Blue Ranger actor David Yost recently spoke to Zia Comics about a variety of things, including the possibility of an original group series on Netflix.

“(Laughs), I mean it’s definitely a rumor, and it’s probably a rumor on my end, but you know I just think it would be great because we’re creeping up on our 30-year anniversary of the original cast and for years we’ve been asked to do a reunion and nothing’s happened,” Yost said. “They didn’t take advantage of it at the 25-year reunion, which I don’t know why they didn’t, but, it would be nice to film kind of a limited series.”

Read On to watch this exclusive interview with David Yost!

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