Here’s Why ‘Prey’ Was Right To Ditch The Predator’s Plasma Caster Weapon

Prey, the newest addition in the Predator franchise, was correct to forego one of the Predator’s most recognizable weapons, the plasma caster. Prey introduces a new breed of feral Predator that is more violent and animalistic than its forefathers.

The picture is set in the early 1700s on the Great Plains. The weapons of the new Predator are more in keeping with the film’s setting, remaining modern for the period but archaic in comparison to other Yautja equipment.

After smashing viewing records, Prey has already become Hulu’s most successful film. Disney bought the Predator brand when they purchased 20th Century Studios. Prey follows the 2018 failure The Predator, which was a disastrous revival of the brand.

The latest installment has been hailed for returning to the franchise’s roots with a good old-fashioned hunt. Not to add that Prey has the greatest Rotten Tomatoes rating of any film in the franchise, including the original.

From screenrant.com:

Prey’s ending credits indicated a potential sequel after showing an animation of Yautja ships heading towards the Comanche Tribe. At the end of the film, Naru warned her tribe that they needed to move to a more secure location in preparation to fight more Predators. The Yautja species are known for monitoring hunts and coming back stronger once one of their own has fallen. Now that the Comanche tribe is aware of an otherworldly presence, it is likely the plasma caster will make a return to present a more significant threat to the humans. Alongside the cloaking mechanism, the plasma blaster is probably one of the Predator’s most iconic weapons, so it will definitely be featured in future films.

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