Quentin Tarantino Wants Maya Hawke To Star In Kill Bill 3

Quentin Tarantino is still interested in directing Kill Bill 3 with Stranger Things actress Maya Hawke as his new killing heroine. During a recent interview, Tarantino expressed his ongoing ambition to produce Kill Bill 3. Tarantino has been hinting for some time that his tenth picture will mark the end of his filmmaking career;

But, after some probing, he did concede that Kill Bill 3 is the one film that would force him to postpone retirement. Needless to say, Tarantino fans will be overjoyed to hear such a declaration, since the enthusiasm for this threequel has never waned.

Tarantino stated the following on the possibility of creating Kill Bill 3 when appearing on the Joe Rogan Experience:

“The only one I can imagine where it would be another epic, where I would need to out-do everything is if I did a Kill Bill 3,” Tarantino said, adding that “I’ve thought of it.”

“What seems to be particularly alluring to Tarantino is the prospect of getting his Kill Bill star Uma Thurman back for Kill Bill 3 along with Maya Hawke, who is Thurman’s real-life daughter with actor Ethan Hawke. Tarantino sees a rare opportunity to make Kill Bill 3 a meta-sequel experience, with Thurman’s assassin heroine The Bride (aka Beatrix Kiddo) having lived a normal life for 20+ years raising and training her daughter B.B. – until the events of Kill Bill 3 throw mother and daughter into the crosshairs of killer assassins all over again:”

“I think it’s just revisiting the characters, 20 years later, just imagining the Bride and her daughter B.B. having 20 years of peace,” Tarantino explained. “And then that peace is shattered. The Bride and B.B. are on the run. The idea of being able to cast Uma and her [real-life] daughter Maya would be f**king exciting.”

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