Ranking the 7 Best SPIDER-MAN Costumes of All-Time

Not only have we chosen our top seven Spider-Man costumes, we’ve also ranked them from our all-time favorite to simply one of our favorites. Check out our list and see if you agree.


7. Scarlet Spider (Kaine)

Image courtesy of Marvel.wikia.com

This awesome red and black costume doesn’t belong to the original Spider-Man, Peter Parker. It does, however, belong to one of his clones, Kaine. While the Scarlet Spider has also gone through some costume changes, this is the best one ever.

The cool Scarlet Spider costume atop is rendered handsomely in this spectacular artwork from one of Spider-Man’s best and longest running artists, Mark Bagley.

The costume doesn’t have any of the webbings that most of Spidey’s costumes have but it’s made distinct by the absence of it. Webs, or not, this is one badass costume that Peter wishes he had worn.

6. Iron Spider


Image courtesy of Comic Vine

One of the really cool things that Civil War brought us is this specially designed armored Spider-Man costume, known popularly as the Iron Spider suit. This was a gift from Tony Stark to Spidey which came with its own special abilities. And, of course, it was red and gold similar to Stark’s Iron Man suit.

It had mechanical arms ala Doctor Octopus which made it the web-slinger’s most unique costume of all. It also had a glider function, filters, and specially enhanced optical lenses.

The beauty of the Iron Spider costume above is brought to life by the late great Michael Turner who made a gorgeous outfit look even more strikingly dazzling.

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5. Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

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