Everyone Wants To Know How This Star Wars Nerd Has a Girlfriend This Hot

Holden Hardman is a youtuber who has a channel with the same name. I stumbled upon Hardman’s channel just by accident. Actually, I have youtubes algorithm to thank.

The video that showed up on my feed was one titled: “Reading comments about how my girlfriend is too hot to date me”.

I initially thought it was just another click-bait video with no real substance to it like so many out there. But something told me to click on the video to watch anyway, so I did.

And to my surprise It was not only funny, and entertaining but also…dare I say…real.

Before I go any further with this specific video and why I’m doing this article, let me describe more of what Holden Hardman’s channel is about.

I didn’t spend a ton of time on his channel, but I did spend time browsing his other videos and from what I can see, most of his recent videos are of him watching various movies and shows in the genre of Star Wars and other movies that are high on the list of geek/nerd community.

Not to say that they are not also loved by many in the mainstream space as well.

What I love about his videos is that he includes his girlfriend which from what I can tell…she geninuclaly has never watches these movies, like Star Wars so her reaction is priceless.

But really, the entire concept or idea of having sitting down and watching iconic movies with your girlfriend who has never seen them before and getting her real reaction I think is genius.

It’s not something I see a lot of on youtube…if at all.

And of course…the icing on cake that I think really makes his videos even more enjoyable is the fact that his girlfriend is very attractive.

So much so that apparently he has been getting a lot of people commenting about their relationship and how someone like him could have a girlfriend that attractive or hot.

For many youtubers in this situation, I’m sure they would probably take offense to such comments and try to retaliate by trying to get into a battle with people on social media, which we know is never a good idea.

However Hardman didn’t do that…which leads to another thing I like about him. Instead he embraced the who thing and even created a very entertaining and funny video about it.

You can check out this video below.

But I would also like to say to Holden, to keep doing what you’re doing man and don’t listen to the haters. Your girlfriend obviously loves you and cares for you very much. And in the end…that’s all that matters right!

Consider me an official subscriber to the Holden Hardman channel and I look forward to more content from him.

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