Real Batman Hotel Suite Complete with BATMOBILE

If you ever feel like wanting to be Batman for a day, take a trip to Taiwan and check out the Batman Suite at Eden Motel. This could very well be the place where Bruce Wayne makes his escapades! From the Bat-inspired bed to the Batmobile emerging from the wall, the room will make anyone go bat-crazy.

The king-sized bed’s headboard has a huge Batman logo with a view of Gotham at night. It faces a flat-screen TV that is mounted on a black logo as well. There’s a bat mirror, some Batman memorabilia encased in glass, gargoyles to keep you company, and more Bat-themed details.

The hotel looks very simple from the outside but it has an array of movie-themed rooms that you can rent hourly. But with a bat-inspired room like this, you wouldn’t mind staying longer. With a rustic and cave-like feel to it, Batman fans will surely feel like the Caped Crusader in this suite.

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