Report: NO X-MEN mutants in MCU until after 2025!

According to Devin Faraci,  who is the former editor-in-chief of Birth.Movies.Death, 20th Century Fox’s contractual duties to X-Men franchise performers have been transferred to Disney/Marvel and will remain in force until 2025.

This implies that Marvel cannot recast, announce, or begin production on a picture starring some, if not all, of the most recent key performers in the Fox X-Men franchise.

Because they are the original actors, Deadpool 3 and Xavier in DS:MOM are excluded.

Faraci isn’t in the scoop game and doesn’t pretend to be, but he keeps in touch with industry connections and occasionally communicates information he’s been given.

Most conjecture has been that Disney/Marvel want to dribble out their newly purchased IP to ensure the MCU’s sustainability, but if this is correct, the seeming delay in releasing the X-Men is due to being effectively legally barred from restarting.

Here is an excerpt from the podcast with Devin Faraci:

Marvel and DC came to SDCC and gave us a bounty of new information… well, Marvel did anyway. Things are a little less fulsome on the DC side, but does that mean an unannounced Fandome is in our future?

Marvel gave us all of Phase Five, a look at the cornerstones of Phase Six AND the name of this three Phase cycle: The Multiverse Saga. We go long on all of these movies, what they could be, what it could all mean, and what we’re most excited about. For me it’s definitely Namor.

Plus: I share the reason why Marvel has still not announced an X-Men film, and likely won’t be announcing one for a hot minute. Plus: we make our best guesses on how the Multiverse Saga will end. Plus: we just go on and on about a 38 year old miniseries, Secret Wars.

You can listen to the entire conversation here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/marvelvision-san-69563225

Read the entire article here: www.reddit.com

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