REPORT: ‘She-Hulk’ Will Set Up a ‘World War Hulk’ Movie, Targeting 2022 Production Start

The outstanding reporting done by Charles Murphy over at murphysmultiverse.com has just reported on some big news, especially from the comicbook world.

From murphysmultiverse.com:

We’ve long wondered if Hulk would ever get his solo project. Especially with the announcement of She-Hulk’s Disney+ series, it seemed like the Green Goliath was going to continue his run as a supporting character. Yet, it seems that the time has finally come for Hulk to take the spotlight, as Geeks World Wide has shared that Mark Ruffalo is set to return in his feature film inspired by the World War Hulk storyline. It looks like it’s also been planned for some time as it’s eyeing a late 2022 production start.

Read the entire article here: www.murphysmultiverse.com

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