Reseller Made Over $40,000 In Less Than A Week From Selling 200 PS5 Units

From Unilad.co.uk:

The launch of the PlayStation 5 was the biggest for any console ever, and many consumers struggled to get their hands on the console. The answer for some consumers was to enlist the help of scalpers, who had purchased numerous consoles to sell on for a profit.

One 22-year old in the United States managed to pick up a large number of the consoles and has so far received $40,000 from buyers in under a week.

The scalper who goes by the name Mark F (to protect their privacy) explained to Business Insider that they used bots and online purchases to secure 221 PlayStation 5 consoles. After this, they began to advertise the product online. Sure enough, there was plenty of willing buyers who would pay over $1,000 for a console that is worth half of that at retail. However, given that the buyer bought 221 devices, they may still need to sell more consoles to make a profit.

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