Ruby Holt – 100 Year Old Woman Who Saw The Ocean For The First Time In Her Life!

Imagine what it’s like to have never seen an ocean before in your life! Dreams do come true, at least for the 100-year old Ruby Holt…check out her heart-warming story…

For the very first time in her life, Ruby Holt, a 100-year old woman, got to see the ocean live! She even felt the waters and said it was just like he dreamed it would be! According to the original source, “Holt had lived most of her life picking cotton on a farm in rural Tennessee, working in a shirt factory, and raising four children. She said she had never had the time or money to travel to the beach — in fact, she had only left Tennessee once before.

I’ve heard people talk about it and how wonderful it was and wanted to see it, but I never had the opportunity to do so,” Holt said.

A few months ago she revealed the fact that she had never seen an ocean before in the assisted living center where she currently stays. Two of the assisted living center’s employees heard that and were shocked. They immediately filled out an application with Wish of a Lifetime, which is meant to grant bucket list wishes for senior citizen.

Hol was taken to the Perdido Beach Resort at Alabama’s Ocean Beach. There, she dipped her toes in the Gulf of Mexico, ate seafood, and blissfully watched the waves she used to dream about!

When we got to the room yesterday she was just pointing out the ocean and, you know, her facial expressions and… she was just speechless,” said Mark Davis, executive director of Brookdale’s Sterling House.

Here’s a footage from Ruby’s ocean escape!

Absolutely heart-warming…isn’t it?

Article Source: MTV

Photo Credit: MTV

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