Russell Crowe Thriller ‘Unhinged’ First Movie To Debut as Theaters Re-Open

As we all anticipate going back to the movies at some point, movie studios are begining to plan for starting back production of some of their biggest movies.

The Batman, The Witcher and more are among just some of the movies set to resume production in the UK and the US soon to follow.

Speaking of movie production resuming, we have all thought that the movie Tenet would be the first movie to premiere first. and that date has been currently set for July 17th.

Well…it looks like the new Russell Crowe movie ‘Unhinged’ and not Tenet, will be the first major movie reelased as theaters begin to re-open.

In fact, its release date has been aggressively set for July 1st. While many will get excited at the fact that they might be able to go back to the movies that early. But it’s also a very bold and risky move as well.

But regardless, the trailer for this movie is wild! Check it out below and comment your thoughts.

Source Credit: Variety

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